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Local Ghost Trails

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80 pages
Wharncliffe Books 1998

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Local Ghost Trails features seven classic walks which bring together many elements of history and folklore. Indeed there is nowhere in the United Kingdom with so rich a history, or which abounds with so many tales of ghosts, demons and ‘things that go bump in the night’.The trails encourage walkers to view the area with a fresh perspective. Each trail is spiked with accounts of supernatural events placed in the appropriate historical context. These stories have coloured the views of local people for centuries. What are the ancient secrets of the Druids? Who escaped a public execution? Where is the most haunted hall in Yorkshire?There are poltergeist, pit ghosts, and phantom celebrities of all kinds to be found in the unlikeliest places. The book includes maps and pictures to assist in the precise identification of every site. Local Ghost Trails invites readers to join in the ghost hunt.

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