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Lakeland Fellranger:

A natural successor to Wainwright, Mark Richards has produced the only comprehensive, up-to-date guide to every path, crag, fell and valley in the Lake District. Lakeland Fellranger: Southern Fells covers Wrynose Pass to Black Combe. The first of Wainwright’s celebrated guides to the Lakeland Fells appeared in 1955, the last of the seven-volume set was published in 1965. These titles have remained in print, unaltered, since then despite radical changes to the countryside and a phenomenal increase in the numbers of people visiting the are Collins Lakeland Fellranger series combines the best of the Wainwright guides,  the traditional feel of the pen and ink sketches and the personal touch of hand-drawn maps, with the desires of the 21st-century walker, accurate maps and directions and inspirational colour photographs, all packed into an easy-to-use, portable format. The books will be written and illustrated by one person, adding to the personality of the books: Mark Richards was one of Wainwright’s proteges and has produced a number of very successful walking books. Each of the four volumes in the series covers every Fell in their range, each illustrated with colour photographs, a detailed cartographic map taken from the HARVEY Maps Superwalker series, and numerous landscape maps…..Ref: 189

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