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The Making of Huddersfield

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‘The Making of Huddersfield’ is not a systematic and chronological account of Huddersfield’s growth but a series of illuminating snapshots which bring to life numerous aspects of the town and its surrounding area.Just 200 years ago Huddersfield was still a village. In a short time it was to become one of the most dynamic and vibrant towns in the north of England and this book traces the history of that development, from the early Middle Ages, through important changes in Tudor and Stuart times and into the exciting years of the Industrial Revolution. ‘The Making of Huddersfield’ tells the story of ancient bridges and highways, inns, mills and private dwellings, and it looks at ordinary people as they appear in early court records, identifying individuals and families as they thronged the market place or relaxed in the ale houses. Take a transitional journey, from the Middle Ages to the present day, as you read ‘The Making of Huddersfield’….Ref: 193

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