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The Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs of Yorkshire Book Cover

The Lord Lieutenants & High Sheriffs of Yorkshire

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The offices of Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff have long and distinguished histories both at the national and the local levels.

This book, commissioned to mark the year 2000, provides a biographical account of the two offices in the historic county of Yorkshire and its modern administrative divisions from the Norman Conquest to the beginning of the third Millennium. It gives historical introductions to the origins and development of the two offices and biographical summaries of all known High Sheriffs and Lord Lieutenants of Yorkshire. It yields a remarkable record of the lives, careers and achievements of the men and women who have served the county in these offices, and reveals much of the social, political and cultural history of Yorkshire from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. It represents a fruitful collaboration between current and former Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs, who funded the project, and the academic endeavours of members of the Department of History at the University of York, who researched and wrote the book….Ref: 166

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