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Aire and Calder Navigation

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Wharncliffe Books 2003

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The Canals & River Sections of the Aire……..’The Canals & River Sections of the Aire and Calder Navigation’ is the first canal book in the new series ‘Transport Through The Ages’, brought to you by Wharncliffe Books. This fascinating book traces the nostalgic journey of the canal boats through the ages. As a new pictorial history, ‘The Canals & River Sections of the Aire and Calder Navigation’ demonstrates how the Calder became one of the UK’s most successful inland waterways. The collection of illustrations, maps and photographs are all dated from 1900 to the present day. The waterways made an enormous contribution to the prosperity of towns such as Leeds, Wakefield, Castleford, Knottingley and Goole by delivering raw materials and taking away finished products from manufacturers situated along its banks, as well as feeding coal from waterside collieries to the Ferrybridge power station of the twentieth century. Take yourself on a nostalgic journey through the transitional times of these very busy and successful waterways…Ref: 65

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