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No More Kick-Can and Cobbles, is a nostalgic collection of stories and photogrpahs depicting the changing face of Mexborough, and is the follow on to the highly successful Legacy of our Backings.In his new book, Michael leaves behind the carefree swinging 60s to concentrate on the new decade of the 70s. Out went the Hippies and flower power and in came the Mods, Rockers, Skinheads and Greasers. It was a time of local and national change, as pounds, shillings and pence gave way to decimalization.As the decade began, Mexborough was being modernized, cobbled alleyways and back-to-back houses were being demolished, ancient landmarks had to make way for more modern buildings and amenities. In some areas whole neighbourhoods were being uprooted and relocated as a new bypass was built to allow faster links with neighbouring towns. Tin baths became redundant and hot water came straight from the tap, for many that meant the modern era had arrived. Michael Fowler is a local policeman, living in Swinton with his wife and two sons.

This is Michael’s third book, his previous books have both been highly successful, Legacy of our Backings and Swinton: A Walk in the Past, both published by Wharncliffe.

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