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: Images of England…..This selection of over 200 archive photographs portrays some of the changes which have taken place in and around Norton; changes not just restricted to the buildings but also to the daily round of life in the twentieth century. The rural community of Greater Norton was carved up into the smaller parishes of today. The old turnpikes have been replaced by major roads, dividing the area into the present suburbs. The steady creep of Sheffield outwards to its southern boundary has contributed to the loss of Norton’s rural idyll. However, many old family names remain and some hidden gems of the physical environment can still be found. These photographs have been donated by the readers of the first volume. Their families lived in the hamlets of the old parish and therefore the chapters are based on life in these areas, stretching from the rural south to the more populated north, including Lightwood, Hemsworth, Backmoor, Norton Lees, Norton Woodseats, Greenhill, Jordanthorpe and central Norton. This fascinating book will awaken memories for older readers and reveal to younger generations the world of their parents and grandparents….Ref: 156

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