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Footplate Tales of the Settle Carlisle Railway Book Cover Signed by author

Footplate Tales of the Settle-Carlisle Railway – Signed

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Footplate Tales of the Settle-Carlisle Railway is written by W R Mitchell and Peter Fox.

Drivers and firemen were the unsung heroes of the Settle-Carlisle in the Days of Working Steam. They operated in constricted, wet, grimy and steamy surroundings, with the heat of the fire on their faces and the Pennine winds howling around their backs as they thrashed their engines northwards up the Drag or southwards, climbing steadily from Appleby, looking for the ‘distant’ signal for Aisgill which they nicknamed the Star of Bethlehem.

This book has a large cast, including the driver who told his family he would bequeath to one of them the speck of coal that lodged in his eye and the fireman who one day shovelled coal and rainwater into the firebox.

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Original price£5.99…Signed price includes small sourcing fee.

We have had these copies hand signed by Bill Mitchell …Limited number of signed copies …..Should you wish to order more than one copy of this title please email us first to check stock levels

(this title is now out of print only available whilst current stocks last) Very collectible

W R (Bill) Mitchell local author

W R Mitchell

W.R. (Bill) Mitchell was born in Skipton in 1928. After gaining…

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