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Excursion to Loweswater: A Lakeland Visit 1865

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Excursion to Loweswater is a delightful and revealing account of an outing to the Lake District at the birth of the age of mass tourism, but at a time when travel was still a challenge.

Robert and Rachel Jackson wrote to their Quaker friends at the Manchester First-day School to suggest they come to stay for a weekend at Waterend, Loweswater.  The invitation was accepted.  The year was 1865 and the visitors numbered 44!

The journey was not an easy one. By train to Windermere, thence by horse drawn wagonette north to Keswick, and south again to cross the Honister Pass for Loweswater – all in pouring rain.

Clearly the outing was a great event and in gratitude Mary Hodgeson and L M Hunt wrote their accounts of the expedition in poetry and prose. Their work, painstakingly copied into an album and beautifully illustrated in pen, ink and watercolour, was presented to their hosts.  The album survives today – a delightful account of a weekend long ago.  This account is shown in this book through illustrations, handwritten inserts, poems and text details of the trip.

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