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This book shows the vision and efforts of a number of gifted people who despite being advantaged themselves, recognised and then opposed the imposition of disadvantage on others. Today’s ‘celebrity Culture’ seems to limit aspiration, by encouraging imitation of who are only famous: notable for being not able, and with little to celebrate. So here is a range of people whose efforts and results offer motivation and even inspiration to others. Linked in some way to the old textile or mining communities, they all have achieved success in some way. The book includes people such as Fiona Wood, who was the Australian of the Year 2005-06 for her work after the Bali Night Club bombings where she led the burns surgery team. Brian Turner who was born in Elland, worked in the Mills before coming a celebrity Chef.Last year, he was awarded the Yorkshire Lifetime Achievement Award. Graham Ibbeson, whose form Yorkshire with love exhibition with Ashley Jackson is now touring the UK before a European tour. He is becoming increasingly in demand to produce life size bronzes such as Benny Hill, Freddie Trueman and possibly Tommy Taylor.

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