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Discovering Local History

Following the runaway success of Aspects of Wakefield 1, Kate Taylor has drawn together a unique and previously unpublished collection of observations on the history and development of the City.

In Aspects of Wakefield 2: Discovering Local History, among other things, we are introduced to Wakefield by Gaslight, the Wakefield Rifle Volunteers and the curious business of ‘Dyeing’ for Wakefield. From a fascinating collection of Wakefield ‘Firsts’, we travel on to Portobello, the first Council Estate in the City. Penetrating views of the development of Maternity Services, and the Hollin Hall Tramway, keep company with the shops of Outwood and the development of West Parade Methodist Church. All this and more makes a fascinating book which cannot help but enthrall everyone with an interest in the history of Wakefield..Ref: 197

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