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Aspects of Rotherham 3 Book Cover

Aspects of Rotherham 3: Discovering Local History

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240 pages
Wharncliffe Books 1998

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The publication of this, the third volume in the Aspects of Rotherham collection, marks an important development in the ever growing Aspects Series. From its beginnings in 1993 with Aspects of Barnsley 1, the series now has some twenty titles either in print or programmed for early publication. The present volume continues the tradition of bringing a wide variety of well researched material to the attention of the general reader. Furthermore, the text is augmented with numerous photographs, drawings, diagrams and maps, the vast majority of which have never before been published. Continuing the tradition of the Aspects Series, the volume contains contributions from well known local historians and newcomers being published for the first time. Aspects of Rotherham 3 will appeal equally to the reader with a general interest in the town and the serious student of the history of Rotherham and its people.

Each volume is a standalone and not part of a series

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