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: Discovering Local History ….Aspects of Bradford 2 follows the marked success of Aspects of Bradford 1, which spent over six weeks in the best seller lists when it came out late in 1999. This new edition contains a further set of contributions from well known and new local authors. Additionally, the vast majority of illustrations in this edition have been commissioned for the book or are previously unpublished images.In Aspects of Bradford 2, we encounter the lot, not always happy, of patients in Bradford Royal Infirmary during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the life, work and behaviour of the management of Fountains Brewery during the 1950’s. The chequered career of the building which housed Ilkley College until recently is examined in Full Circle, where the building which first functioned as a water cure hotel, is now about to begin life once more as a hotel. In Random Reverie, we are reminded of childhood experiences during and immediately following World War 2, perhaps including walks in the century old Lister Park, the ‘lungs’ of Bradford, with its many recreational attractions. Keighley during the 1900’s was a hotbed of protest against compulsory inoculation against smallpox, with several protesters being committed to prison for their beliefs. In addition, we are introduced to both Methodism and the Literary scene in turn of the century Bradford, including the publication of ‘The Saunterers Satchel’, followed by a glimpse of eighteenth Century Life in the City.These and many more pinpoint views of Bradford’s history make Aspects of Bradford 2 into the perfect gift for anyone interested in the history of the city.

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