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Aspects of Barnsley, reprinted due to popular demand is a collection of independently-penned studies relating to the town and surrounding district of Barnsley. Giving local writers an opportunity to present their work in the public domain. It includes Melvyn Jones’s fascinating account of the The Thorncliffe Riots and Brian Elliots investigation into one of the less well known buildings of Worsbrough as well as extracts from prolific writers such as John Goodchild and Annie Storey. The work not only reflects a varied history but also some of the special interests, research methods and personal backgrounds of its authors. The book provides the opportunity for writers and local historians to see their work assembled and presented in an accessible format. It offers a wide variety of topics and includes diary, newspaper extracts and census records. Barnsley has always played a part in the economy of an area which became one of the fastest growing industrial regions of the country, and the world. First book in the highly successful Aspects series offering a comprehensive insight into Barnsley and the surrounding area includes 108 black & white photographs and maps
Reprinted due to popular demand….Ref: 139
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Brian Elliott

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