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Aspects of Barnsley 6 Book Cover

Aspects of Barnsley 6: Discovering Local History

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Once again, Brian Elliott has drawn together unique views of the history of Barnsley and District, which shed light on the town and its people.

In Aspects of Barnsley 6, we revisit the “Be Bop” craze of the late ’40s and early ’50s, take a look at McLintocks, the down quilt makers and recall the Barnsley Literary Society, which in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, played host to the leading literary lights of the day. We meet Migrant Irish Linen Weavers who settled in the town and the boat builders working alongside the River Dearne and Barnsley Canal, which also attracted numerous suicides and where many fatal accidents occurred. We are treated to the story of unsung hero Richard Bayldon, road surveyor extraordinaire and John Spark, the South Yorkshire Chapman, who sold his wares all over the region. Rowland Wilkinson’s Cawthorne, is based on his fascinating 19th century photos.

These and the many other contributions by local authors will make this yet another fascinating view of Barnsley’s past.

Brian Elliott Local Author

Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott is a highly experienced local author and editor. He…

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