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One Boy’s Story of His Evacuation to Ireland at the Outbreak of WWII [Paperback] only one copy available!

This is the story of the author evacuated in 1939 at the age of six with his brother and sister from Sheffield in the North of England to the safety of relatives in Cork in Southern Ireland and his return to Britain in 1943. It ends on VE night, 1945. Neil was a practising hypnotherapist for much of his working life and on his retirement revisited this period of his childhood seeking answers to memories and flashbacks that had haunted him for more than sixty years. He tells in his preface how this was achieved. The author had an affinity with his Irish hosts and his four-year stay is not without humour, as you would expect. But the incidents he recalls include the firing of Cork’s largest department store in 1942 and providing intelligence that may have led to the torpedoing of the SS Irish Oak in May 1943 by the German submarine U-607. Not yet ten, he was escorted back to Britain on the orders of the Prime Minister, de Valera. The story is certainly an emotional one, not least because of the shooting down over occupied France early in 1944 of the boy’s hero, Uncle Bill. You must decide whether this little boy was an innocent used by the unscrupulous Republican agent Finnegan, by Sister Ann of “the Mission”, Stan of Short’s slaughter house, his wily cousin Clare who took his earnings for dresses and his uncle who took it for drink. Or whether he rose to the challenge of being separated from his parents at a very young age in difficult times. It is a one-off story told by a lad growing up too quickly. It is also one with dark undertones….Ref: 1262

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