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Foul Deeds Manchester Book Cover

Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Manchester

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The fascinating and true accounts of murders and other suspicious deaths in this book, will take the reader back in time on a visit to the dark side of Victorian Manchester. Some of the cases caused a sensation at the time they were committed, although most have been long since forgotten. However, the author brings them dramatically to life, and we encounter the abortionist, the brutal husband, the politically motivated offenders, the robber and spurned lover among others. The victims meet their deaths in a range of locations, including the street, their squalid homes, the workhouse, prison and an exclusive gentlemen’s club. In some of the cases, victim and perpetrator are well known to each other, whereas in others, they are strangers, who were brought together for just a few brutal moments. The author never loses sight of the fact that each crime was unique human tragedy, not simply for the victims and their friends and families, as the killers also had those who cared for them….Ref: 601

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