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Edge of Heaven: The Yorkshire Coast

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There has been an array of books written about the Yorkshire Coast. Books about its people, major historical events, famous individuals, its geology, its geography, its native fauna and wildlife, its industries, its towns, its villages and its principal landmarks. This book is none of them and in some small way it is all of them. Written in a variety of styles and forms “Edge of Heaven: The Yorkshire Coast” is a collection of individual responses by a group of exceptional writers. Each contribution offers a unique personal perspective on this haunting, beautiful and much loved part of Yorkshire. “Edge of Heaven: The Yorkshire Coast” is a distinctive and imaginative publication that takes readers on a unique tour along the entire length of Yorkshire’s Coastline from Redcar and Saltburn to Spurn Head and Hull. This book presents a range of different places, people, stories and experiences from the Yorkshire coast, giving readers a new perspective on this most iconic of coastlines. Ian Clayton, writer and broadcaster, recounts his time along the Yorkshire coast some years ago filming “Clayton’s Coast” while novelist, poet and playwright Blake Morrison’s contribution takes the form of a narrative – a teenage trip to Scarborough which is interwoven with the history of the resort. It is fully illustrated with over 100 images, many specially commissioned. All major landmarks, settlements and coastal areas included. It is a book to read, share and treasure….Ref: 420

Selina Scott (Foreword), Ian Clayton (Contributor), Dame Margaret Drabble (Contributor), R. J. Ellory (Contributor), Roy Hattersley (Contributor), David Joy (Contributor), Ian McMillan (Contributor), W.R. Mitchell (Contributor), Blake Morrison (Contributor), Lee Hanson (Editor)

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