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Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in Hull

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Hull is best known for its thriving port. The industrial revolution which profited Hull so well, came a a higher cost than most would expect. In only 100 years the population rose from 22000 to 239000. Houses were built quickly and close together, public health suffered dramatically and disease was rife.The vast population meant a very high level of crime. With almost one murder every other week, assaults, suicides and other acts of violence were so frequent that newspapers only reported the most vile of crimes. Victorian Hull was a very dangerous place to live indeed!David Goodman has put together a number of murders suicides and unsolved murders from 1873 through to 1924. Stories include: ‘Murder on the Farm 1903’ – Annie Marshall a 15 year old farm worker was shot twice in the face and dumped into the river by a fellow worker. ‘Horrific Child Murder 1873’ – Sarah Alice, only 4 months old was beheaded by her own mother after she failed to ‘bond’ with the child, she was found not guilty on the grounds of insanity and detained at her majesty’s pleasure.

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