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Untold Stories Part 2: The Diaries Audiobook

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Untold Stories – The Diaries: Part 2 [Audiobook] [2 Audio Cassette]

Abridged approx running time 2hours 35 mins

Publisher: BBC Audiobooks Ltd

Untold Stories, Alan Bennett’s first major collection of prose since his bestselling Writing Home, brings together the finest and funniest of his writing over the last ten years. Two recordings feature selected material from Untold Stories: Part 1: Stories contains the title piece, and Part 2: The Diaries covers Alan Bennett’s much-celebrated diaries for 1997-2004

Part 2: The Diaries – Alan Bennett’s diaries from 1997-2004 are an erudite collection of witty yet poignant recollections told in his own unique voice. Whether appreciating the simple pleasures of nature, or commenting on religion, politics or the arts, his observations are incisive, funny, and yet always meaningful….Ref: 341

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Alan Bennett

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