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Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths on the Yorkshire Coast

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192 pages
Wharncliffe Books 2001

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Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths on the Yorkshire Coast by Alan Whitworth, is the latest in the Foul Deeds series. In this edition we review famous and little known murders which occurred on the Yorkshire coast from 1160, with the untimely end of the Hermit of Eskdale, up to the murder of Mary Comins in Scarborough during World War II.In all there are over twenty cases of murder and associated mayhem in this fascinating book, written by skilled author and adept researcher Alan Whitworth. The events recorded are scattered all along the Yorkshire coast, from Whitby and Filey, through Scarborough and south to Bridlington. The natures of the people involved and their motives for taking the lives of their so often unsuspecting victims vary greatly, as do the methods and venues chosen. There are frenzied attacks upon erstwhile loved ones and the cold calculation of the poisoner. Murder for money, revenge or in the defense of another. Lovers trysts and doctors of death. They are all here, revealed to us under the glare of historic fact and diligent research….

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