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A Popular History of Settle and Giggleswick book cover Signed by author

A Popular History of Settle and Giggleswick – Signed

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120 pages
Hand signed, in person, by author

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Publisher: Castleberg; First Edition 1993 reprinted 2006

Introduction to book: ‘This story of the evolution of Settle and Giggleswick is presented in chronological order and spans the 1,926 years between two French invasions – the Norman Conquest (1066) and the arrival of peaceful emissaries from a French town, Banyuls Sur Mer, ‘twinned’ with Settle (1992). In gathering together the many scattered notes relating to local history, for presentation in a narrative form, I have followed the well-established local procedure of quarrying material from Whitaker (History of Craven) and Messrs Robinson and Brayshaw (The Ancient Parish of Giggleswick). Thomas Brayshaw’s name bobs up everywhere, even on a brass plaque in the pew I occupied in Giggleswick Church for the Christmas Eve carol service, 1992. The book includes information gleaned from a host of Settlers and Giggleswickians, some of it during the course of local history courses I conducted under the auspices of the Craven College’. Includes 20 black and white illustrations.

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W R (Bill) Mitchell local author

W R Mitchell

W.R. (Bill) Mitchell was born in Skipton in 1928. After gaining…

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