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The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge

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Unputdownable! this is a very good book!

Adam Sisman unfolds the whole of this complex and fascinating story so well that when one reaches its sad end one is moved as though learning it for the first time.’ Literary Review

‘A study of this brilliant, tricky friendship has been long overdue and “The Friendship” does the job marvellously well! the revolutionary background of their writing is described more vividly and with more clarity than in any study before! Wordsworth and Coleridge’s momentous friendship and its pitiful conclusion has always had the dramatic intensity of a love story, but in Adam Sisman’s hands it becomes more than this, and takes on the fatal inevitability of great tragedy.’ Sunday Telegraph

This is a fine example of the new genre of professional biography written with great skill by someone who is not an academic specialist! Sisman weaves his double narrative with great skill! acute in its assessment of sources. It’s strength is to keep multiple considerations in play concerning the personalities involved.’ Irish Times.

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