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Bradford Chapters: Episodes in the History of a City

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Propagator Press

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Propagator Press, an imprint of AMS Educational (2008)..

BRADFORD …a major city on the cusp of reinventing itself?

This important Yorkshire city has long occupied a vital role in the UK’s economy and social history. To fully understand its present position, it is necessary to look at times gone by, and Bradford Chapters gives us opportunity to view the excitement of past events and put them into perspective with today’s thrusting, multicultural environment.

Bradford Chapters brings together an entertaining, enlightening and absorbing mix of history and nostalgia.

Bradford is, and has been, many things to many people and this collection of episodes illustrates aspects of its past, its present and its future. Bob Duckett has gathered chapters which cover diverse topics, from the Brontës’ visits to Bradford to German immigrants to mill owners’ mansions to midwifery in Shipley to film making in the area. Each is intriguing in its own right and all are written by respected contributors..

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